Diagnostic Services

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Automotive diagnostic service is the way to discover, what’s wrong with the vehicle if it is not running / behaving properly. Diagnosing a vehicles problem in order to fix or repair a car can be done through a professional automobile diagnostic center. Diagnostic Service uses the read command for retrieving the information/data from ECU and the write command to write/program the data to the ECU.

Some of the services are given below as,

Ø Diagnostic Session Control

Ø ECU Reset

Ø Clear Diagnostic Information

Ø Read DTC Information

Ø Read Data By Identifier

Ø Read Memory By Address

Ø Security Access

Ø Communication Control

Ø Write Data By Identifier

Ø Input Output Control By Identifier

Ø Write Memory By Address

Ø Tester Present

Ø Control DTC Setting

For communicating with the ECU, the diagnostic tool uses either Physical addressing or Functional addressing method. Physical addressing is the kind of addressing where the Diagnostics tool communicates with a single ECU. Functional addressing is where the Diagnostics tool communicates with multiple ECUs.